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I bought the pink ouija board for my daughter thinking that the color pink would only attract friendly spirits to her slumber party. Well, the results were mixed; the first spirit REALLY liked pink, and was friendly but apparently was a poltergeist, ‘cause it started redecorating the den. Lilith Greenwand (the name my 13 year old insists being called now) did some kind of ritual and banished the spirit. She and her friends set to work again - they are so cute with their chants in the language they made up and their little black robes and hats!! The next spirit they summoned with the pink ouija board was less benign and several of the girls started projectile vomiting/speaking in tongues/bleeding from the eyes. Luckily, I had just taken my headphones off (listening to my old Norwegian Black Metal records again!) and heard the commotion - I immediately donned my “Three Wolf Moon” power t-shirt and ran into the basement. The sheer force of the shirt sent the spirit back where it came from, cured the girls, tuned the TV to the 700 Club and closed the evil pink portal.”James H on February 7, 2010

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